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    Beijing An Di Nuo is the main agent of the brand of American AVL antenna company, ADVANTECH company of Canada, the United States ANDREW (Andrew) company, CPI company, America Comtech Efdata (Kangtai Yi Da), Germany (NDSATCOM,) company, WAVESTREAM company in the United States, the United States AXTOX company, America DELTA (delta), DATACAST (United States IDC (HARMONIC) company, the U.S. company, Haley) Israel FOXCOM optical transceiver, NORSAT Canada, America ORBAN (Auburn) company, Israel RAYSAT company, America STREAMBOX company, Norway TANDBERG (Tengbo) company, TracStar company in the United States SOTM antenna, Australia CODAN (Cotton), American VERTEX RSI company. The United States WB lifting rod company, United States NUCOM Microwave Inc, INMARSAT, Belgium NEWTEC company, Israel ORBI ship borne antenna company, South Korea KNS The ship's antenna company, American COBHAM company, and other foreign companies in China dozens of sales, customer service service for our customers to provide timely and thoughtful service.
Stable High Speed
Andino's own online business using the same set of the underlying platform and the host cyber source, your online business quality and beauty group agreement
According to the different business, to support a variety of types and configuration of the runtime environment, the user can choose the allocation of resources, to meet the elastic calculation
Technical Service
Fast response, high quality customer service, we will provide you with technical engineers by the high quality service, the first time to solve the problem for you