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Version:0.9StartHTML:0000000105EndHTML:0000003362StartFragment:0000000141EndFragment:0000003322The Lumistar LS-27-B Modular Dual Channel Tri-Band Tracking and DataReceiver is Lumistar’s third generation of modular high performance FM Receivers. Thiswideband designs supports one or two independent channels of PCM with data rates up to 20Mbps. The unit includes both an optional FM demodulated output for PCM data, and standard
programmable AM/linear AGC outputsfor auto-tracking receivers. The designoffers 8 IF Bandwidths and 8 VideoFilters per channel for each receiver.AC coupling with a low pass filter isemployed to ensure a high quality data
link with long strings of NRZ-L ones orzeroes. The unit provides a softwareselectable 10 MHz reference I/O port for
locking local oscillators to a highprecision external source or to arrangemultiple units in a master/slave arrangement. The receiver’s control and status is achieved via Ethernet, USB or auto-switched RS-232 (or “4-wire” RS-485 in place of 232). When utilizing the RS-422 interface, multi-drop configurations can be accommodated.