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Version:0.9 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000005229 StartFragment:0000000141 EndFragment:0000005189 The Lumistar LS-28-QRS Rack Mount Quad Receiver/Combiner System, shown with optional external 1U Keyboard/Display, offers a low-cost high-performance COTS solution for a modern Telemetry Ground Station Receiving System.
The LS-28-QRS is an advanced technology “Quad” Receiver/Combiner employing sophisticated fourth generation
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies. The LS-28-QRS supports independent four channel reception and/or combining of up to four RF bands, such as E, S, lower/upper-L, P, K, or custom bands up to 3 GHz) The RF inputs are processed by two Lumistar LS-27 series dual channel quad band PCI-based tuner cards that acquire and downconvert the signals to a 70 MHz intermediate frequency (IF). These IF signals are then digitized by two LS-35-R two-channel digital IF receivers. The IF receivers provide pre-D combining or routes the data directly to a multi-mode dual demodulator for four independent channel operation. The digital multi-mode demodulation options include Multi-Symbol PCM/FM, SOQPSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, AQPSK, PCM/PM, Sub-carrier(s)). Demodulated data is bit synchronized to TTL and RS-422 data/clock outputs, including PCM code conversions. Optional post-D combining is available. Standard features such as Eye Pattern and Constellation diagram displays (4), IF spectral displays (4), bit error readers (4) and onboard 70 MHz modulators (2) are included at no additional cost. Legacy demodulation of analog  NTSC/PAL FM signals can be optionally included. Since telemetry data is not routed through the system’s PCI bus, the LS-28-QRS can process high data rate streams with no impact to the processing load of the CPU.