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OMNIA VOCO 8 音频处理器

北京安迪诺数字系统技术有限公司 2015-10-28 09:52:16


VOCO 8 is the world’s first voice processor with:
hhMultiband processing
hhStudio grade mic preamps with phantom power
hhEight line-level inputs
hh“Dominate-It” powered voice processor, where the host mic
can always be the dominant voice.
hh“Session Recall” for convenience
hhLivewire/AES67 support
Omnia VOCO 8 is adaptable to all different voice characteristics.
From “natural tone” to “big”, everything is possible in just a few
clicks. Plus, in advanced mode, the Omnia VOCO 8 is also the perfect
tool for production studios.