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Traditional audio processing alone cannot enable diverse audio content to be reproduced effectively on mobile and handheld devices, including content from Mobile DTV and live internet streaming.

Mobile viewing must overcome physical constraints including small speakers and environmental issues such as background noise. Additionally, program audio can range from mono to 5.1 channels and from whispery soft to screaming loud. These factors combine to impair intelligibility, making viewing tedious and frustrating.

AERO.mobile solves these issues by employing specialized processing algorithms to ensure the audio comes through with exceptional clarity in these challenging environments.

The rugged 1RU AERO.mobile is intended to be installed directly before the mobile audio encoder in either the AES or SDI paths.

Failover bypass relays are provided to ensure continuous service in the unlikely event of failure, while a bright LED display, rotary encoder, and four control keys provide straightforward menu navigation and adjustment.